Artist Statement

I’ve worked in many mediums, but prefer to paint with oils. Oils help me describe the fluidity of horses in action as well as the express the fullest depth of color and contrast. Because there is no ‘true black’ pigment in nature, I mix each of the darks and lights in my paintings using color combinations. It is subtle but really helps the painting become ‘real’ to the eye. My style is not strictly high realism—in most cases, you can see the brush strokes as I use them to build the roundness of the muscles and tension in the movement.

I strive to capture the essence and energy of the horse. The way you feel every time you lead a horse out of the stall, let him loose in a pasture, or swing a leg over the saddle, there is a connection in which you feel a one-on-one relationship. What I have learned over a lifetime with horses is that each one is unique, from the first moment you see him until you memorize each inch of him while grooming him with a dandy brush. Finding a way to capture that uniqueness with a paintbrush is my inspiration.

If I can help a viewer of one of my paintings feel the hoof beats, smell the dirt and sweat, and hear the crowd, then I have reached my goal.