Commission Quote

Your portrait is an investment that will be enjoyed by generations of viewers.

No matter what you invest in your portrait, you can be assured that beauty, personality and likeness of subject will be of the highest caliber museum quality – and created to last a lifetime.

I work primarily in oils. Oils are what first come to mind when most people think of a fine art portrait. This is because this classic medium will stand the test of time, lasting decades (and centuries) when treated correctly. Also, my oil paintings do not require glass when framed, offering viewers a more rich and intimate feeling to your portrait. However, be advised that oil paintings do take a bit longer to create simply because of the drying time.

I prefer to work from my own reference photographs. So how do we do that? We simply schedule a convenient time for us to meet at your home or stables for me to photograph the subject. Based on those photos, I’ll then make sketches in several different sizes for you before we finalize your ideas. (However, any additional photographs you can provide are helpful and always appreciated!)

There is no charge for the photography, sketches and travel within 200 miles of Madison, Wisconsin, USA. However, travel expenses will be applied for all U.S. and foreign destinations beyond.

While there is no obligation for me to visit your home to see where the painting will be displayed, it often helps me get a better feel for the portrait and helps me find the appropriate nuance for lighting. It also helps in determining the appropriate size for your portrait.

It is not unusual to be unsure of what you actually want in a portrait, so use the following figures as a guideline to get a feel for what you should invest in your portrait. I do not determine the fees on a “per inch” range. In fact, as you can see from my samples I prefer to work on large scale. Instead, the rate guidelines below are based on both subject and size.

The sizes below are single subject head and shoulders oils:

16” x 20”: $3,200.00
24” x 36”: $5,500.00

Three quarter and full body Portraits:

20” x 24”: $4,200.00
24” x 36”: $6,800.00
30” x 40”: $8,900.00
40” x 60”: $12,000.00

Portraits of horses, dogs and their owners are sized and priced differently than portraits of people or animals alone. For this style of portrait, the most popular sizes range from 30 x 40 to 36 x 48. For larger sizes, such as “life size” and trade show displays or additional animals and people, please inquire.

30” x 40”: $8,900.00
36” x 48”: $10,200.00

Please note: Framing costs are additional. I can either frame the portraits at our studio or recommend galleries in your area that can provide this important final touch to your portrait.